Unblocked games are the list of games that can be accessed anywhere. And these games help you to pass the time when you are getting boar. Numerous sites let you play these unblocked games for free of cost. In this article, let's discuss one of the famous and most loved games, Cookie Clicker. 

What is Cookie Clicker?


Cookie Clicker is amongst the unblocked games and launched in 2013. It is one of the most loved and entertaining games which is free to play. No one can restrict you while playing this outstanding game in the workplace or any other restricted area such as a school. There are thousands of unblocked games sites, and cookie clicker still lies on the top.


Steps to Cookie Clicker game:


It is a fun game, and no need to learn the steps to play this unblocked game. However, you can read the user guideline or take a tour of the game if you are visiting the cookie clicker dashboard for the first time.


  •  Enter the website that allows you to play cookie-clicker games.
  •  To play this game, you have to use the mouse.
  •  You can choose any cookie out of countless to grow your business.
  •  Once you select the cookie, start tapping on the cookie with the mouse.
  •  With each tapping, you get a new cookie. And once you have 50 cookies, you can buy a cursor     that will help you make cookies even faster.
  •  And 100 Cookies let you own grandma who automates your work. This way, you can keep   growing in the game level by level.
  •  The cookie clicker game is straightforward and popularly played to increase the mouse clicking   speed.


Why play the Cookie Clicker game?


There is no set rule for who can play this game. The cookie game is the perfect option, whether you are getting bored or want to take a break from your daily work. As we know that it is an unblocked game, and anyone can access it from anywhere. Just like the Cookie Clicker game, enjoy other games on our site.


That was the general answer. However, people or games usually play this game to enhance and improvise the mouse clicking speed. The faster you click with the mouse, the higher the cookies you can make. Also you can use cps test tool to improve your mouse clicking.


What is a different cookie clicker game?


There are ranges of cookie clicker games such as Cookie Clicker Unblocked Trixter, Cookie Clicker Unblocked Games, Cookie Clicker Unblocked Games WTF, and many more. You can find them on numerous websites.


How to play other Unblocked games?


As we discussed, Unblocked games are free and available on numerous websites. You can surf google for more details. Once you find the website that offers a range of Unblocked games, select the one per preference and start playing with restriction.


Why is the Cookie Clicker game popular and widespread?


A free and paid version is available for this game, and millions of people worldwide play this game. And it is one of the most played games amongst other Unblocked games. This game is very addictive, which is why it is popular and widespread.


What is the world record in Cookie Clicker?


You might be surprised to know about the highest score in cookie clickers. The world record was 1.226 billion 0 cookie clicker world record.


How to score high in Cookie Clicker?


Scoring high in the cookie-clicker game is not challenging, and you have to practice regularly. Practice, consistency, and patience is the only rule to win this game. You need to set a strategy for playing and scoring high in the cookie-clicker game.




Cookie Clicker is the most entertaining unblocked game. People are plying to relax from their hectic workload. Due to it being positioned into unblocked games, you can access the game in any restricted area. So if you have not played it yet or want to play it again, go to thewebsite and start playing today.


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